Fossil fuels, especially coal,will continue to play significant roles in the energy mix of Asia-Pacific region in long term.This project responds to APEC Energy Ministers’ instruction for the EWG (through their 2014 Beijing Declaration) to promote clean coal technologies (CCTs), so as to enhance cooperation in developing and applying CCTs and to ensure sustainableenergy development in APEC region.

The project “Roadmap toPromote Transfer and Dissemination of Clean Coal Technologies in APEC Region” will build a CCTs database through information collection and field survey work, providing a technology category list and priority technical review. This project will hold periodical seminars, where experts can share their up-to-date information and best practices on CCTs, provide recommendations on promoting technology transfer and dissemination, making all partners clear about the significance and prospects of CCTs. A final workshop will be held in China in April 2016 to assess implementation plans and development strategies of CCTs deployment in some economies. A detailed summary report will be submitted.

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