The project will proceed under the guidance of a CCTs Project Steering Committee,which will be composed of EGCFE members and experts, government and industry representatives in related fields. The planned activities will be performed asbelow:

·                                                         Stage 1:

The framework of the project will be set up in this stage. It is planned to confirm roles and responsibilities, review the existing information, schedule site visits and case studies including developed and developing economies, invite participants of seminars, draft and confirm theinformation collection template.

Experts, designers,policy-makers, entrepreneurs and the public can access to the survey report anddevelopment plan through the website files, pictures and videos. Also,brochures, media release channels, newsletters, draftnetwork creation as well as development plan would be delivered for review.

The output would be the APEC CCTs working group’s project plan, the initial website on CCTs aswell as the information collection template.

·                                                         Stage 2:

Two seminars and two video conferences will beorganized. Relevant experts, policy-makers, the public, and potential investors and applicants will be invited to participate in the face-to-face and TV meetings as well as other electronic contact. Categorize the information collected according to the APEC CCTs’ priorities. Based on these communications, the collected information and review will be updated to the database and websites. The pictures and videos taken during site visit and case studies will also be uploaded. Category and priority lists of CCTs will be provided in an interim report that will be made available to the beneficiaries.

·                                                         Stage3:

A small seminar and a video conference will be hold. Preparation of the workshop will be fully in process: (1) Post and disseminate the introduction of the workshop. (2) Select contractor, including task partition, contractor selection, negotiation,confirmation, and endorsement. (3) Gathering template information and establishing APEC CCTs database. (4) Confirm the workshop date, location and time table, invite participants of workshop and prepare a draft report.

The formed template will help the contractors further negotiate. Besides, the experts, designers, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, temporary employees and the public would receive the disseminated template during the workshop preparation period. The APEC CCTs database will be a full coverage of all relevant models with various scales.Close contacting with the EGEEC members and participants would be ensured.

The output would be contractor endorsement, APEC CCTs database setup and later workshops’ agenda and workshops’ participant lists.

·                                                         Stage 4:

Hold workshop and complete the final report. In this period, the organizerswill emphasize on (1) confirming participants,meeting arrangements and final preparations (2) conducting the workshop anddrafting a report; (2) analysing the collected best practices, accomplishing the final research report and disseminating the program leaflets. The output would be workshops’meeting notes and final reports (e-publication and a limited number of hardcopies).


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